Pale Motorider

by Ophicvs

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The second full length album by OPHICVS titled Pale Motorider was originally released in 2015 to a limited pressing of 300 digipack CDs. Pale Motorider is the album that i couldn't get enough of and brought me to release Machine Gun Reaper upon you earlier this year. Austenitized Records will with great honor be re-issuing this now sold out/out of print, slayer of an album on pro Cassette for the first time.


released August 4, 2017

All Music recorded by Ophicvs in Columbus, OH

Special appearance: J Hammer on drums in "Underwolrd Jackal","Afterlife Bastard", and "Ridin'Like The Devil"...

Artwork design by Ophicvs

Gratitude to:
The Devil, Jason Sidote,
Mauricio Sanchez "Mortas"
Mike "J Hammer" and
Lukas "Austenitized Recs"



all rights reserved


Austenitized Records Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Pale Motorider
Fast riding in his metal stallion
Ashen knight, machine gun killer
Omen of death and destruction
Fourth horseman, Pale Motorider.
Nobody is safe from my wrath
Those who wish to die, stay on my path
Darkness will rise, angels will fall
I am, Pale Motorider... Destroy'em all!
Hear my thunder, rumbling the land
Is time to die, that's my command
666 mighty hellpower. I am Pale Motorider !
Come and see the Pale Motorider
Hell Fallowed him, his name is Death!!!
Track Name: Infernal Highway
How Long must I wait?
Don't care where I go.
How long must I ride?
Now is time to hit the road!!
I got one way ticket to the inferno...
Condemned to Hell, the Heavy Metal way
Riding on the highway
Taking my Chances, burning away
I am going to the Infernal Highway! Burn!
The journey begins, no turn back again
No speed limits on my way to Hell!...
I got one way ticket to the inferno...
I paid my dues to the Devil
Infernal Highway...
Track Name: Capra Macabra
Capra Macabra, cast your spell
Consecrate the pentagram
I hear midnight's bell
Capra Macabra, I offer the sacrifice
I spill its burning blood, magnificent evil eyes
Capra Macabra, heed my chants
Rise from the magic caldron
In cloven hooves you stand
Capra Macabra
Hellbent deceiver... Magical seeker
Capra Macabra patas de cabra
Veneno de rana ojos de rata
Capra Macabra!
Magical goat master... Seeker of the light
Capra Macabra... Hellbent deceiver!!!
Track Name: Badass
Que hubo pues hijo de putas!
Don't fuck with me motherfuckers!
Les doy plomo malparidos!
Drinks on me bitches. I am...Badass!!!
With machete and gun placed in my hands
Don't fuck wiht me or I'll fuck you up!
Raised in Colombian Hell... I am Badass!!!
Knuckles of steel, thre is blood in my hands
I'm a ragin bull of mayhem, I'll bring you hell...
I came to kick some ass
I am your worst nightmare
My heart is full of dynamite
I am the devil and badass!
Fuck This! Fuck that! I am a demon! Badass!
I ride with my bitch, her name is Death!
I am afraid of nothing, my pleasure is to kill
I am the night's ghost rider
and i tell you go to hell!
Look at my eyes asshole, you see a badass!!!
Fuck this, fuck that, I am a demon. Badass!!!
Ooooohhhh I am a loaded fun! Motherfucker!
Hit it bitch!
Fuck this, fuck that, I am a demon, badass!!!
Track Name: Diabolo Thunder
Feeling the rain, in the bloody warfield
Reedemtion! In a night of damnation
Brightening the sky
The lightning fly by
Thirsty for vengeance, to kill is my right
Bound to Hell, my enemies I send
Diabolo Thunder, Give me strength!
Lightning strikes, hear roar of vengeance
Diabolo Thunder!!!
Terror and power, the beast is coming
Diablolo Thunder!!!
Listen the echoes of death
Above your head
Sounds of anger, Sounds of pain
Diabolo Thunder!!!
Track Name: Untill I Die
Such misery, so much pain
Fog of war, torrential rain
Battlefield do not forgive
Pray hard if you want to live.
Combat is close
Deep inside, Violence opposed
Bloodshed is extreme
The sight is so grimm
Destruction will fallow
Pain too hard to swallow
The dying gasp for every breath
Joining countless to their death...
Black winds of war
Frightening no more
To the end I will fight! Until I die!
Track Name: Lobo
Howling in the woods
Its full moon night!
Pounding hearts in fear
You will not survive!
Hot blooded assassin
Bestowed by Satan's curse
Lobo... Eyes of gloom...
Lobo... Deranged beast of doom...
Lobo... Thirsty for bloodshed...
Lobo... Will maul you to death!!!
My skin burns hot, ripping to stretch
Bone snaps and breaks, blood i sweat
Teeth turn in to fangs
I hear the bell at twelve
Silvermoon calls me, time to bring Hell
Devil of the night! the moon is bright
Mark of Satanas! I shall not hide!
I will reborn!!!
Track Name: Underworld Jackal
Dog, headed god of the underworld
Man and jackal, leaving shadows of war
Guardian of the dead, with bloody claws
I beseech thee, for my soul is lost
Faithful dark lord, embalmer of the gods
Take every men's soul
From unholy wars and unholy lands
God of death, underworld master
Black heart, black head
I summon you, Underworld Jackal
Eyes of fire, sacred lord
Have mercy on my soul
Drag my rotten body to Hell
From this scorching sand
Lead me to the doorway
Between worlds, Underworld Jackal!
Track Name: Afterlife Bastard
I went to die. I am going to the afterlife
My filthy soul, left this world
I am looking down, my body below
Women like shadows weeping
For i am condemned to the underworld
My journey begins to the afterlife
Falling at high speed, heaven is out of my sight
Across the tunnel, raging fire awaits me
Emptiness cannon avoid on the other side!
Afterlife bastard!!!
I was buried and forgotten to eternal sleep
But waking up in Hell!!!
Afterlife bastard!!!
Track Name: Ridin' Like The Devil
Don't try to stop me, I take my chances
Gambling with death. I am ridin' like the Devil
On my mean machine from Hell
Live to ride, live to kill
Baby don't hide from the devil of steel
Live to rock, live for speed
There is no turn back, Hell is here
I rise my gun, screaming to heavens
Heavy Metal Thunder, fueling my senses
Live to ride, live for speed
Riding hard, gasoline is my beer!
Ridin' like the devil... Oh yeah
Ridin' like the devil... back off
Ridin' like the devil... out of my way... oh yeah!!!